Our History Curriculum

Through our teaching of history at St John Vianney, we intend for our pupils to:

  • increase and develop their historical knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes.
  • develop a curiosity about the past, asking questions and seeking answers.
  • acquire the knowledge and skills which enable them to make links, enquire, research and analyse in history.
  • increase their understanding of their world today through learning about the past.

Children will know more, remember more and understand more about local, national and world history.

“I like history because it is interesting and we get to learn new facts about what has happened before'” (George, Year 4)

“History intrigues me; it’s like solving a mystery.” (Jacob, Year 6)

How has St Helens Changed? (Year 2: February 2022)

Year 2 were excited to welcome Stewart into school to help us learn all about the job of a miner. The children were able to ask lots of questions as well as being able to handle an oil lamp, pieces of coal, a miner’s helemt, coat and self-rescuer. We are glad that there are no mines in St Helens now as we would not want to do that job!

What does St Helens remember on November 11th? (Year 5)

What impact did WW1 have on the people of our town? Many thanks to local historian, Mr Harvey, for coming in and sharing his knowledge and expertise with us.

Year 6: Scaled Timelines (October 2021)

What were the key events of WW2 and when did they happen? This was Year 6’s enquiry question during one of their history lessons. They needed to order the events chronologically along their timelines, but also space the events correctly, taking account of scale. They then thought about why lots of events were bunched together and made links in their subsequent lessons abou the Battle of Britain…

Year 4: Timelines (September 2021)

Year 4 have been developing their understanding of timelines this half term, thinking about the chronology and scale of different time periods and events in British history.

Year 1: The Transport Museum (February 2020)

Year 1 learned all about the history of transport in St Helens and even got to ride on a very old bus!

Year 4’s Roman Museum (November 2019)

Year 4 enjoyed sharing their learning about Roman Britain with other classes and their parents. 

Year 3’s Stonehenge Creations! (September 2019)

Year 3 loved making replicas of Stonehenge from different construction materials during their stone age topic. 

“I enjoyed learning about the workhouse and about children  in Victorian times.” (Ellie, Year 5)

“I liked it when we had to decode the Egyptian writing. We didn’t know the words and we had to figure it out – it was fun!” (Evan, Year 3)

“I liked learning about Saints old stadium and we compared it to their new stadium.” (Macy, Year 2)

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