Remote Learning Offer

On 4th January 2021, it was announced that the country would be entering a third lockdown under tier 4 restrictions. This meant that schools would only be open to vulnerable children and the children of key workers.  We hope that there will be no need for further whole-scale lockdowns nationally. However, the following information outlines what is in place should remote learning become necessary.

Immediate Remote Education

For the first 2 days of lockdown/isolation, a combination of work on Seesaw and paper packs will be provided to allow teachers and staff to organise remote learning and ensure all children can access learning to suit their needs and circumstances. All children have been provided with a workbook in which to complete work that has been set, if it is not able to be completed on Seesaw.


Remote Education and Education in School

Now remote learning has been organised, this is the same curriculum offer for children who are accessing school (children of key workers or children who are vulnerable) and those children who are working remotely from home. Occasionally we may need to make slight adaptations where equipment may be required, or external providers are attending school, but this is kept to a minimum. There may be occasions when children learning remotely may have difficulty with the online learning for any number of reasons. In these circumstances, learning will be tailored to meet the needs of the child to allow them to access the curriculum offer in the best way for them.


Daily Study Time

In line with government expectations, we expect that remote education (including remote teaching and independent work) will take our children broadly the following number of hours each day:

Nursery – 30 mins and any optional extras

Reception – 2 hours

Key Stage One – 3 hours

Key Stage Two – 4 hours


Accessing Remote Education

Remote education at St John Vianney will be delivered through the following platforms:

Microsoft Teams (live lesson delivery)

Seesaw (work to accompany live lessons and additional learning)

Come and See (RE)

White Rose Maths

Read Write Inc Online Videos

Oak National Academy

Times Tables Rock Stars

Kapow Computing Scheme

Kapow Primary (Art and D&T)

Primary Languages Network (Spanish)

Charanga (Music)


Families having trouble with digital or online access

We understand that there are some families who may have difficulty accessing learning online. Where this is the case, there are a number of measures that we will take to support children to access remote education.

  • Loan of DFE approved laptops for the period of remote education (Please contact the school on 01744 678570 or at [email protected] if you believe this applies to you)
  • Providing information on how an internet connection/Wifi can be enabled (Please contact the school on 01744 678570 or at [email protected] if you believe this applies to you)
  • Providing information about how you can increase your data allowance on a mobile device – please visit Increasing data allowances on mobile devices to support disadvantaged children – Get help with technology – GOV.UK ( for more information.
  • Providing paper packs of work for children to complete who are unable to access the work any other way. These can be picked up from the school office upon request (by contacting school on 01744 678570 or at [email protected], and should be returned each week, completed. The following week’s work can then be taken away. If there are any difficulties with transport or families are isolating, please contact school and we will arrange for delivery and collection of materials.


Remote Teaching Details

At St John Vianney, your child will be taught using a range of approaches. These differ slightly according to what key stage of education your child is in and are as follows:


Nursery – Read Write Inc videos home, one sound per day and a maths or topic activity on Seesaw. List of websites for other activities sent out and constant communication via Seesaw and Class Dojo.

Reception – Morning registration, live on Microsoft Teams. Read Write Inc Phonics videos each day on Seesaw, White Rose Maths video and work on Seesaw. Additional daily activities on Seesaw, including Yoga/Go Noodle/Dough Disco/other topic activities, plus a skill to learn and practice. Live story time on Microsoft Teams at end of day. Oak National Academy as appropriate.

Year 1 – Morning registration, live on Microsoft Teams. Read Write Inc Phonics videos each day on Seesaw, White Rose Maths video and work on Seesaw. English on Seesaw via Microsoft PowerPoint with recorded voice instructions. Additional daily topic activities on Seesaw. Live story time on Microsoft Teams at end of day. Oak National Academy as appropriate.

Years 2 to 6 – Live Microsoft Teams welcome and register followed by live Microsoft Teams White Rose Maths/English. Break, then live Microsoft Teams English/White Rose Maths. Work for English and Maths is then set on Seesaw and returned by the children via an upload on Seesaw. In the afternoon, work is on Seesaw. to allow teachers and TAs to do marking and work on a 1:1 or small group basis, either live or via Seesaw. Classes then have an optional, live drop-in session at the end of the day, with Year 2 doing a shared story time delivered by the children. Oak National Academy is used as appropriate.

All of the above include use of the programmes listed in the ‘Accessing Remote Learning’ section.

KABS staff will continue attending school during lockdown to deliver team building and wellbeing sessions for groups and individuals as needed. 

ALL YEAR GROUPS – have bespoke 1:1 and group support online or in person as interventions or in response to learning requirements.

ALL YEAR GROUPS – have a ‘screen-free’ afternoon, beneficial to the children and also the teacher, as Remote education involves a significant amount of screen time, which needs to be broken up.


Expectations for Engagement

It is an expectation that all children engage with remote learning and that pupils will receive support with their learning from parents /carers. We check this  engagement on a daily basis and if we have not seen (on Microsoft Teams) or heard from (through uploads on Seesaw) a child, a phone call home to parents/carers is made to check if all is well and if there are any difficulties accessing home learning or the associated materials. This phone call is made by the teacher or the pastoral leader.  Where support is needed (of an educational or pastoral nature, or both), this will be provided. If concerns regarding engagement continue, the headteacher makes the next phone call, again offering support as needed. If we are unable to reach a parent/carer by phone, we make a home visit (socially distanced) in pairs or we contact the Educational Welfare Officer who will phone and/or visit as appropriate, relaying outcomes back to school.


Assessment of Work and Progress

Feedback on work is predominantly via Seesaw (marking of work and written comments) and verbally on Microsoft Teams. There is also feedback vis telephone calls home and through celebration assemblies on a Friday, led by the headteacher, on Microsoft Teams. Feedback is given on a daily basis.


Supporting Children with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

We know that some of our children, such as those with SEND, may not be able to access remote education without support from adults at home. We are very aware of these difficulties and the strain that can place on families. We will work with families in the following ways:

  • Providing bespoke work, suitable for their age and ability, to ensure they can fully access their remote education.
  • Offering 1:1 support via Microsoft Teams to allow children to concentrate fully and access their work at the level that is appropriate.
  • Offering slots of time in school with the teacher, the SENDCO (Mrs L Nagy) and/or pastoral leader to support their education during lockdown, in addition to providing support for parents.


Remote education for Isolating Children

If a child is not in school as they are self-isolating (not during a time of national lockdown) and the majority of the class are in school, the remote offer will differ slightly. The child will still be able to access some live lessons via Microsoft Teams (with other lessons on Seesaw), but the work that is set on Seesaw will be reviewed at the end of each day as far as is possible, rather than periodically throughout the day. This is a result of the teacher being in front of a classroom of children throughout the day, rather than predominantly on screen (as is the case during lockdown). Paper packs will also be available if this is required. Teacher and pastoral support will still be provided, including headteacher support as needed.


Final Note

Finally, it is important to emphasise that lockdown is a very trying time for all children, parents, staff and governors. Parents are balancing work and remote learning alongside any worries about family and friends during this worldwide pandemic. Children are trying so hard to adapt to a new way of learning and staff are coming to terms with a very different way of working. We will always endeavour to do all we can to support our children, families and staff as we navigate this difficult situation together. If we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to ask.


Contact Details

You can contact your child’s teacher via Seesaw, Microsoft Teams or Class Dojo

School telephone number: 01744 678570

School email: [email protected]



Microsoft Teams Information for Parents


If you are still having difficulty accessing Teams, please click on the link below for a short you tube video for parents/carers logging into Teams for the first time.

This video is not listed so can only be used via the link.


Additional Online Resources

As well as using Teams and Seesaw for daily lessons and learning, please do make use of the additional online resources we use as a school:



Lexia (selected pupils)

Oak Academy

Charanga Music


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