Mrs Day Year 3 2020

Welcome to the Year 3 class page.  The Class Teacher is Mrs Day and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Carlisle.

** Please remember to bring in a piece of fruit to eat during morning break and a water bottle to keep in class.**


P.E will take place on a Tuesday and Wednesday this term. Please ensure that your child has the correct P.E kit in school at all times. Please encourage your child to bring in a pair of tracksuit bottoms to wear outside during their P.E sessions during the winter months.


We will be making use of two online platforms for maths homework this term instead of sending out paper worksheets. There will be work set on and 

English homework will be set on a Friday and will either be a reading comprehension or a grammar task.

Reading books/tasks

Reading books will be sent out on Wednesday.  These are to be returned on Monday with your Reading Journal signed.

Spelling/Multiplication quiz

During Year 3 children will be given weekly spelling tests and multiplication quizzes. Please encourage your child to learn their spellings and tables each week.

Here are a list of websites that you can use during the lockdown. If you require any help or usernames, please message through the Seesaw app. Mrs Day.





Charanga Music



In October 2020, Year 3 will be able to join in on the assault course as a reward for good behaviour. This will be led in the hall by Tommy to celebrate the green trackit lights winners.

Using Atlases

In Year 3, we will be using atlases to find counties within the UK and also rain forests around the world. We will be getting better at finding different places in the world.

Ancient History

This year we will be looking at the Stone Age and Ancient Egypt. The children will be making their own Stonehenge using various construction equipment. They will make it to look like the original and work as part of a team to complete it. The children also learn about Ancient Egypt. They will be given the challenge of making mummies and enjoy trying the costumes on.

Physical Education

In P.E. the children have been learning the skills required to play bench ball and deepening the understanding of listening skills, following instructions, teamwork and evaluating their skills.

Our next topic is linked to Science and healthy diets and exercise to develop strong bones and muscles.


In this unit, children have discovered the different types of rocks and how they are formed. Children have compared and group rocks based on appearance and simple properties. They have learnt how fossils are formed and learnt about the contribution of Mary Anning to the field of palaeontology. Children now understand how soil is formed and have carried out experiments and investigated the permeability of different types of rocks.


The Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPAapproach is a system of learning that uses physical and visual aids to build a child’s understanding of abstract topics. Pupils are introduced to a new mathematical concept through the use of concrete resources (e.g. fruit, Dienes blocks etc).


Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) is a highly effective approach to teaching that develops a deep and sustainable understanding of maths in pupils.


The children have learnt how to read, write and follow instructions through text and picture representation. They have also used their problem solving and design technology skills to complete this task.

Design Technology

Cave Paintings

Exploring Prehistoric Art


Children have been identifying animals important to people of prehistory.

Understanding the process of making art in prehistory.

Understanding the earth colours prehistoric people painted with and beginning to understand why early man created art.

 They have recognised the processes involved in creating prehistoric art, explaining roughly when they were made as well as creating their own animal drawing in this style.

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