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Headteacher: Mrs A Friar | SENCO: Mrs L Nagy

Mrs Percy & Mr Wilde Year 4 2020/21

Welcome to Year 4!

The teachers in Year 4 are Mr Wilde and Mrs Percy. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Evans. We are very excited to return to school in September and get going with all the fantastic learning that takes place in Year 4!

Our PE days this half term are Tuesday and Thursday (please come to school in your kit on these days). Homework is given out on Fridays and returned by the following Thursday. Reading bags go home on  Wednesdays and must be returned the following Monday.

The large majority of maths homework will be online, including Mathletics and TTRockstars. Throughout the next two terms, we will be having a big push on helping the children to be fluent in all their times tables up to 12 x 12. Nationally, all Year 4 pupils will undertake a times tables check in June. More information and ideas on how you can support your child with this will be shared at an upcoming parents’ information meeting.

TOP TIP: ‘Little and often’ is best when practising things such as spellings or times tables. Try to make it part of your daily routine (for example, during car journeys or while walking to school) and make it as fun as possible by playing games or singing songs, etc.


What have we been learning in Year 4?


Science (November 2020): Classifying Invertebrates

We look for invertebrates within the school grounds: we found lots! We observed them, described their features and used classification keys to sort them…

RE (November 2020): Judaism – Bar Mitzvah and the Torah

During our Judaism week in school, we learned about the importance of Bar Mitzvah for Jews. We also learned about the Torah and even had a go at writing in Hebrew ourselves…

Design Technology (October 2020): Exploring Pavilion Structures

We looked at examples of different pavilions from around the world, then had a go at creating our own using dolly mixtures and cocktail sticks. We had fun, got frustrated and learned lots about making a structure more stable…


History (October 2020): Why did the Romans invade Britain? 

Today, we launched our new history topic ‘Roman Britain’: we created our own timeline of key events, including when Emperor Claudius invaded. We explored the different reasons why Claudius may have invaded Britain, discussing and debating which we thought were the most important and why…


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