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Headteacher: Mrs A Friar | SENCO: Mrs L Nagy

Our Music Curriculum

Music Lessons

Year 5 created their own compositions.

Carol Singing at Reeves Court – December 2019

Our choir enjoyed spreading some Christmas cheer to the residents of Reeve Court. 

Christmas Carols – December 2019

Spreading Christmas cheer in our local community: Junior carols at St Austin’s; singing at our Christmas shopping evening; and joining with other local schools to sing at St Helens Parish Church. 


Music through the decades

Our school choir took part in a very special event at the town hall, alongside other schools and musicians from across the borough. We enjoyed performing and received wonderful feedback!


St. John Vianney Catholic Primary School, Elton Head Road, Sutton Heath, St. Helens, WA9 5BT
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