Our P.E. Curriculum

Physical Education at St John Vianney

Through our teaching of this subject we intend for our pupils to:  

  • increase and develop their physical and mental well being 
  • increase the knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes for a variety of sports. 
  • develop an understanding of how to live a healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity. 
  • employ imagination and creativity in their techniques, tactics and choreography; 
  • improve their own and others’ performances and take the initiative to lead others 
  • Swim at least 25m confidently and have water safety skills  

At St John Vianney, we have a range of sporting activities  on offer within our curriculum sessions. Here are a few examples of children enjoying the different activities.

Physical Education in the EYFS

In the EYFS, PE comes under the Physical Development strand. The children have to complete many different activities that do not just involve the gross motor skills, but the fine motor skills too. another area that this covers is Health and Self Care, where the children learn to dress themselves and understand about staying healthy. Here are some photos from our Reception class showing off these skills.

Gymnastics in Year 3

I didn’t realise how flexible you had to be!

I like to climb, just not too high!

I love all the stretching!

I love climbing, so I really enjoyed getting to do that!

Daily Mile

We have started the Daily Mile this academic year. The children seem to enjoy it and they look forward to completing it every day.

‘I enjoy the daily mile, it keeps me fit.’ – Lucie Year 5

‘I like the daily mile.’ – Isobel Year 6

‘I like the fresh air you get!’ – Charlie Year 5

‘I like the daily mile because it is fun to run.’ – Alex Year 4

‘It makes you stronger.’ Bella Year 1

Autumn 1 saw the children learning all about invasion games. Here are some action shots of year one playing bench ball.

Year 3 have been looking at invasion games in PE this term. They all enjoyed joining in with the final few weeks and playing a full game.

Pupil Premium Spending



Extra Curricular Physical Activity

We have lots of sporting activities available at St John Vianney. Some of these include rugby, football, dodge-ball, cheer-leading, judo, archery, fencing, multi-skills, badminton and boxercise. Some of the events are pictured below in our galleries. 

Badminton Competition 2019

In November 2019, eight year 6 children made their way to a badminton competition at Hope Academy. We had some draws and loses, but overall all, we were crowned Champions. The children were so proud of their performance and were a credit to our school. Well done everyone!

‘I really enjoyed it especially as we don’t play it too often.’

‘I found it difficult to serve at first but now I can do it.’

Dance and Gymnastics Festival 2019

Children from  KS2 were chosen to represent our school at a gymnastics and dance festival. The children had to compose and perform either a gymnastics routine or dance with their peers in a limited time frame. The children had fun and showed fantastic sportsmanship throughout the day. Well done!

Boxercise Breakfast Club 

KABS come into school to run team building and resilience lessons. They also run a breakfast boxercise club once a week for KS2 children. 

‘It’s a fun way to exercise.’

‘I liked how I learned to defend myself.’

‘I really liked learning the moves.’

‘I liked exercising to the songs.’

‘I liked wearing the boxing gloves.’

Judo Breakfast Club

Judo and Fencing Education have run a Judo breakfast club in our school for many years. Here are some pictures of the most recent club we have had in 2020.

‘I enjoyed the games we played.’

‘The coach was good.’

‘I love pinning people.’

‘I like learning throws.’

Cheer leading After School Club

Saints Community Cheer ran a six week course with KS2 children in the Autumn Term. The children learned lots of skills and how to complete lifts safely. After the course had finished, the children had the opportunity to perform their routine in front of all their families at Saints, in a showcase with lots of other schools. The children enjoyed the experience and can’t wait until they perform pitch side at a Saints game.

‘Doing stunts is so much fun!’

‘I liked doing the dancing.’

‘Dancing in cheerleading is fun!’

‘I liked being the flyer!’



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