Mrs Percy Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 page.

As we head into the spring term, I could not be prouder of how hard you have worked during the autumn term and how you tackled our recent assessments, demonstrating and applying all that you have learned.

The staff who will continue to work with you are: Mrs Percy (class teacher), Mrs Evans, Mrs Ryan and Mrs Higham (teaching assistants). We have lots of exciting learning planned and will support you to make the best progress possible.


  • Homework is given out every Friday and should be returned by the following Wednesday. It is really important that all homework is completed on time.
  • Our PE days are Tuesdays (KABs) and Thursdays (Coach Dave) and children should come to school in sports kits on these days.

During the spring term, we will learn about rivers in geography, ancient Greece in history, light and electricity in science and much more! Keep an eye on our class page for updates and photographs to share our learning…



‘Hoodwinked’ Songs

As we prepare for our end of year play, please use the links below (and your song lyrics) to practise our songs.


Geography Field Trip (April 2022)

As part of our ‘rivers’ topic, we went to do a river study at Crowden Brook. It was a busy day, during which we: used measuring equipment to measure the width, depth, temperature and speed of flow at different points of the river; identified different features, including source, meander, confluence, tributary and weir; and used nets to discover the different wildlife living in the water.


Boxing with KABs (April 2022)

We loved learning new skills and keeping fit in our boxing lessons with Tommy and Adam…


Vistors to Enhance our Learning (February/March 2022)

We really enjoy having visitors to Year 6 to enhance our learning in different subjects. This term, we have been visited by: author/poet Paul Delaney for a writing workshop; Science Boffins to learn about states of matter and be amazed by science; tne road safety team to learn about all aspects of staying safe on the road; Mrs Ashton (a past deputy head teacher at SJV) as part of our 50 years of SJV history topic.


Outdoor Learning: Shelter Building (February 2022)

This half term in outdoor learning, we have been working together to create shelters. The skills we developed included: team work, cooperation, problem-solving, communication, evaluatiing and resilience. Oh, and we had lots of fun too!


Algebra: Using concrete apparatus in maths (February 2022)

Some of us were a little worried about learnng about algebra – letters instead of numbers in maths!! However, we used concrete apparatus to help develop our understanding and loved it!


Science/ PSHE & C: Healthy Lifestyle (January 2022)

During our recent science topic about the heart and circulatory system, we investigated the effects of exercise on our bodies and drew conclusions about the short and long-term effects. We also looked at risks to our health, including smoking, alcohol and drugs. We carried aout our own reserach and surveys and recorded our findings in different ways.


Design Technology: Model Playgrounds (December 2021)

What an exciting week of DT we had recently. First, we looked at a range of designs and different playground equipment, before coming up with our own design criteria for a playground and  creating sketches and a scaled plan. When making our playgrounds, we learned: how to use a junior hacksaw and hot glue guns safely; how to make our structures more stable; how to measure accurately; and how to test and evaluate our finished products.


Science/PSHE & C: Food, Glorious Food! (December 2021)

During a school visit from Knowsley Safari Park, we learned all about ‘Food, Glorious Food’. We found out about all the ways to keep our body healthy, but also about the choices we can make to help keep the planet healthy and reduce global warming. This complemented the work on climate change we have done as part of our recent English topic writing persuasive speeches.


Fundraising Bake Sale (November 2021)

We noticed that our school library was in need of a revamp – we wanted some more up to date books by modern authors and to improve our non-fiction range. With the school budget being so tight, we decided to do something about it ourselves: a bake sale! We advertised our bake sale to the rest of the school through posters and notices; we let parents know via the newsletter and made a request for donations; then we organised the whole event ourselves. Altogether, we raised £233 for new books for our library! Outside our classroom, we left posters asking pupils from other classes to request books they would like to read. Currently, we are spending the money and stocking up the library in preparation for next term.


History: Scaled Timelines (November 2021)

Our topic about the Battle of Britain initially began with us thinking about what events actually caused the outbreak of WW2 – they date back all the way to WW1! Then we worked collaboratively in groups to create accurately scaled timelines to include significant events of WW2 – this was more difficult than it first looked, but we got there in the end!


Parliament Week (November 2021)

We learned about our government and how voting and democracy works, as well as experiencing a virtual tour of the houses of parliament. We also set up our own houses of parliament in the hall, debated the issue of school uniform and cast our secret votes.


Art Week (October 2021)

During art week, Y6 developed a variety of skills, including: design, drawing, craft, painting and art appreciation skills; creating zentangle patterns and prints, painting in an impressionist style and exploring the work of Claude Monet. We displayed our work and enjoyed visiting the work of other classes too.


Forest School (October 2021)

We developed our understanding, respect and appreciation of our school grounds, using the materials around us to create a campfire (oh, and we toasted marshmallows!). 


Dan Worsley Author Visit (October 2021)

We had a fantastic assembly with Dan who told us all about his journey to become an author AND told us his hilarious cow pat story! In the afternoon, we were inspired to create our own ‘Bazza’ characters which led to some of our best writing so far this year…

Science (Living Things and their Habitats): September 2021

We have been sorting and classifying living things in our science lessons this half term. During one lesson, we used a leaf identification guide to locate and identify the different trees in our school grounds.

Meeting our Buddies: September 2021

We loved meeting our buddies for the first time when we visited their classroom and gave them each a card to welcome them into our school family. We also got to play with them in their classroom – I’m not sure who had more fun!

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