Our Geography Curriculum

Through our teaching of geography at St John Vianney, we intend for our pupils to:
• increase and develop their geographical knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes.
• have a progressive understanding of the place in which they live (locality, town, county…) comparing and contrasting with other places.
• make links between the physical and human features of different places, developing a deepening awareness of how these are shaped, interconnected and changed over time.
• develop a sense of responsibility both for the local area and the wider world.
• inspire a curiosity about the world they live in and develop their knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments.

Children will know more, remember more and understand more about the world and its people.

Year 6 Field Trip (April 2022)

Year 6 visited Crowden Brook to undertake a river study. They identified the features of the river (source, meander, tributary, confluence, weir); used measuring equipment to make comparisons between different parts of the river; and used fishing nets to find and identify different wildlife living in the water. 

Geography in EYFS (October 2021)

Where did the baby skeleton go? In Reception class, the children learned all about maps and map symbols through their class story of ‘Funnybones’. They loved using the Beebots to move in different directions around the town.

Our Geography Display!

This is our geography display showing the links that SJV families have with different places around the world. So far, we have family connections in Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, Germany and Ireland. It would be wonderful to add even more and celebrate the diversity of our school community. Please do send in photographs and a little bit of information if you would like to add to our display.

KS1 Trip to Tatton Park

KS1 had a wonderful trip to Tatton Park for the ‘One Snowy Night’ trail. They followed their trail sheets and gathered clues to discover how Percy the Park Keeper helped his animal friends on a cold Christmas Eve! At the end of the trail, they hung their Christmas wishes on the tree, planted spring bulbs and even had delicious toasted marshmallows!

Year 3 Rainforest Weather Forecasts! 

Year 3 learned all about the weather and climate in tropical places like the Amazon Rainforest. They wrote and performed their very own weather forecasts.

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