School Council

Our School Council is a very important area of our school. Children are given the opportunity to have their say and input into how our school is looked after.

Children have been discussing British values and the principle of democracy. New Councillors have been elected, by their classmates for this year:

Year 6-  Jude, George and Liam 

Year 5- Mia and Fletcher

Year 4- Harry and Maisie

Year 3- Bella and Harrison 

Year 2- Ade and Isla

Year 1- Harley and Olivia

Reception- Novah and Caleb

This year we are working on bringing an Anti-Bullying pledge to our school. Our aim is to ensure that bullying never happens in or around our school. We are hoping to come up with a charter, detailing how we can be kind, friendly and caring towards each other and how to respond if we do feel bullying is taking place. The School Council are working together to develop this pledge and are coming up with numerous designs that the children will vote for. We will then be displaying the pledge on each playground. We look forward to seeing the children’s ideas come to life.

The School Council recently supported Mrs Clisby in developing our new reward system around school We are currently running a ‘Positive Pounds’ system where the children are able to claim a pound coin for positive behaviour and exceptionally good work within school. When the children reach £10 they can visit our school shop. The School Council trialed this before we set it about the school. They also decided on what should be sold in our shop.

Last year we held a DT week in school. The councillors supported Miss Smith with this by helping to set up the museum and asking for feedback from the children. As there was such positive feedback, the councillors have voted to host another DT week in the future and possibly have weeks for other subjects such as Art, Science and Geography.

Please contact Miss Smith or Mrs Clisby with any questions regarding the School Council.


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