Love the new statement and the picture is fab! I already feel a real togetherness from the school, and I know my daughter does too. (Parent)


Creating our New Mission Statement

In January 2020, our whole school community worked collaboratively to create a new mission statement for St John Vianney. Parents, pupils, staff and governors (led by Mrs Crosby) came together to share ideas about our school community and what it means.

Gathering Ideas

We wanted ideas from all stakeholders: pupils, parents, staff, governors. This included carrying out parent, pupil and staff surveys as well as spending our January INSET day (staff and governors) working together on our mission statement and values.

Excellent presentation. The photographic evidence shows the mission being truly lived out. Well done everyone! (Governor)

Sharing our Mission

Once we had finalised our new mission statement and six half-termly values, we wanted to shared these with pupils and parents. Mrs Crosby led a whole school assembly to share our new mission and values with pupils. We thought about what our mission would look like in action and the children were challenged to take photographs of where they could see evidence of our mission and values around school. 

A great mission statement and great to be part of an amazing school! (Parent)

Great to hear the background and understanding of how the new mission statement has been developed. The choice of words is fantastic (grow, achieve, belong) as they can be applied from an individual and collective perspective, so everyone plays their part in their own and each other’s development – ‘Together!’ (Parent)

Community Afternoon

We held a community afternoon to celebrate our new mission statement with parents, grandparents and other members of the school community. It was very well attended and we received such positive feedback.

What a lovely new mission statement. It is well presented. Beautiful singing from the children. I love the together theme. (Parent)

Well done on the improved and updated statement. Very true to the feel of the school. (Parent)

Together, nurtured in God’s love; we grow, achieve and belong.

St. John Vianney Catholic Primary School, Elton Head Road, Sutton Heath, St. Helens, WA9 5BT
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