Meet the Staff

Head teacher

Mrs Anne-Louise Friar


Julia Percy (Deputy head teacher)

Lisa Nagy (Senior Leadership Team)

Philippa Crosby (Senior Leadership Team) *

Kristina Crawford 

Lauren Aspinall

Pete Wilde

Christina Day

Sara Philbin-Smith


Teaching Assistants

Wendy Chesworth *

Karen Wilson 

Amanda Cahill*

Helen Ryan *

Wendy Evans

Lesley Carr *

Rachel Duffy

Louisa Carlisle

Gemma Pilling *

Jemma Hockenhull *

Sara Williams

Riane Martin

 Rebecca Owen-Hill *

Learning Manager (Nursery)

Lisa Milner *

Pastoral Leader

Michelle Clisby

Office Staff

Angela Webster

Kellie Johnson

Site Management

Sue Brown (caretaker)



Lunchtime Supervisors

Janet Brown

Kiaya Woodward

Christine Steven

Amie Smith




Linda Holt (cook)

Lisa Ngo (catering assistant)

*All these members of staff have an up to date first aid qualification

St. John Vianney Catholic Primary School, Elton Head Road, Sutton Heath, St. Helens, WA9 5BT
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